4 Grant Programs to Create OER

Ann Ludbrook and Ryerson University

Grant programs and OER creation

Sometimes Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Degrees need content creation grants to be successful. If you need to create new open teaching materials then you want to add to your ZTC Degree plan a grant that can help fund the creation of OER. For example at Mesa Community College they offer ZTC degree grants over two terms to a Content Developer/Instructor ($1500 the first term and $750 the second term), and $750 to Content Reviewers.[1]. As well your state or province may have a grant program or funding model for a ZTC Degree, like the state of California.[2] There may also be other sources of funds, for example the Flora and William Hewlett Foundation Program offered funding for ZTC degrees to Virginia Community Colleges.[3] Any new material created under these grants should ideally be licensed under a Creative Commons licence CC BY 4.0 to allow for flexible remixing and reuse. Grants can also support transitions to ZTC Degrees, by supporting instructors to look for alternative resources and redesign courses.



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